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Why Edification Academy

Academy offer students the opportunity to customize their learning experience and achieve professional excellence.

Effective Lessons

Interesting lessons alongwith interactive teaching techniques of our experienced instructors will help students achieve excellence.

Informative Quizzes

Questions of various kinds from several topics will be asked to prepare students in every aspect.

Diverse Contents

A varied number of presentations and reports will be provided as demonstration for clarity in comprehension.

Progress Check

Different type of assignments will be given to the students for their self preparation and to determine their performance evaluation.

Enriching Discussions

Prompt conversations and collaboration among fellow mates and instructors will provide all round development to the pupils.

Placement Opportunities

Placement assistance will be provide to students enrolling in our job oriented courses.

What People Say

Opinions of people acquainted to us.

Nishi Singh

Seth Anandram Jaipuria college
My journey with edification academy has been a turning point in my life. It taught me how I can explore myself according to current market situation. Our mentor Mr Alok Daiya really helped us to gain lots of knowledge about our course and even more than. Everything happening around us was made us aware in such a simplier manner which helped us in acquiring more knowledge. The way of teaching is so simplier and easy which make knowledge to be acquired in a very easy manner. Edification academy even build confidence in myself that I'm capable ofstanding in the market.

Siddharth Grover

It's been 3 years since I have been a part of this academy. There has been no looking back. It has open my mind and has given me learning experience with theoretical and practical learning and has given me a great exposure of the stock market. Alok sir's endless patience and hard work has motivated me to become a good stock analyst.

Shreya Tandon Shri Shikshayatan College
EDIFICATION ACADEMY truly justifies it's literal meaning of EDucation with qualIFICATION ! I believe one must not have special talents to pursue desired results rather one must be passionately curious about what is the way or path adopted to reach out what makes the result achievement more worth in acknowledging. Edification brings in what current scenario demands with career boosters in the field of Financial Market and contributing towards financial literacy to the fullest. I always believe that opinion is what bifurcates knowledge and ignorance. And I hold utmost opinion in favour of knowledge I gained that Mentor Alok Daiya and faculty are best to what makes best the superlative form of good. You can count on part of knowledge imparted , individuality being major concern and moreover your thereby interest in the study matter and concern. Concluding would rather be an obsolete word since EDIFICATION believes and imparts the vision of your potential and their efforts .

Konark Jaiswal

B. Com(H) T.H.K Jain College
In today's world all a person wants is a lot of knowledge and a lot of certificates to enhance there curriculum vitae as it is the most common requirement of getting into a good job like an MNC. Even i was looking for some courses that could give me a good amount of knowledge with a handful of certificates which are gonna help in MBA as well in the future. I was in search of some fruitful courses and i heard about edification academy from a friend. I already had a lot of interest in share market and financial field. I always had a applicative mind i hated mugging up while studying. After hearing about the academy i was pretty sure in getting into the esteemed academy to enhance my knowledge in a number of fields and diversify my knowledge. After enrolling when i started my classes i was enchanted by the faculty who not only gave us the information but also gave a real picture of the present world financial market. I personally recommend all my friends who want a practical and a very real term knowledge of markets. Get enrolled in edification academy as it provides what actually a person in 21st century wants from an academy.

Kaushal Soni

B. Com(H)Bhawanipur Education Society College
I enrolled myself with edification academy as I was very interested in share market and had substantial interest in finance domain and wasn't able to get proper guidance as finance is very interesting but without proper guidance one cannot do well in this domain. I got to know about Edification Academy and the courses that were provided by them were exactly matching to my interests and preferences. I got all my interests at once place so without giving a second thought I enrolled myself here. Cause nowadays where do we get all our interests at once place? Nowadays all everyone wants is to get ample amount of knowledge in short span of time and Edification has the solution to that problem. The faculty not one enriched us with information but also has enhanced in us in dealing with the problems faced in financial markets. The courses provided by the Academy is economical and the study materials are in so simple and lucid language. I would really recommend my friends to opt for the courses provided by the Edification Academy.

Kaushik Mitra Jaipuria College
I signed up EDIFICATION ACADEMY for Financial market courses , and from then I can see a lot of change in myself. I learned how to present myself in public , which was actually one of my greatest weakness. The format that EDIFICATION follows gave me the confidence to implement new techniques to write reports immediately , in contrast to my past failed attempts. I didn’t just learn “how” to write – “what” and “why” also became much clearer. Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Teaching Faculty's direct feedback for improving my writing was invaluable. Their calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Teaching faculties has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. Learning through EDIFICATION is totally Value for money. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.

Shreeja Shaw

Sir you make classes fun learning experience!! Your classes are practical oriented and the activities we do in class are a lifetime experience..You give real life examples..The examples you put forth we can easily relate with the content!! You have always helped me to overcome my phobias! To me you are a teacher as well as a mentor and a source of inspiration!!I'm privileged that I got the opportunity to learn from you!! Thankyou sir for your constant support and guidance..:)

Shrestha Saha

Bcom Shri Shikshayatan College
Edification Academy has helped me in growing my interest in the financial market. Prior to being acquainted to the Academy I use to shudder at the sight of any news regarding the market's performance as I was unable to comprehend any but Edification Academy has helped me in surging up my interests towards the market by teaching me to analyze it's performance. The manner in which the classes are conducted, the faculty's teaching procedures have given me a vivid understanding of every topic. I am highly obliged to the academy for accepting me as it's student and providing me with such an enriching experience. I recommend it to all my fellow mates because if you want to learn finance there is no better place than this. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Thanking You

Paridhi Killa

It's very easy to understand the topics, whenever you teach us. The examples and the way you explain is very different, very much relative that makes it very difficult to forget the topic

Aman Sharma

Amity university
Alok sir has a very different method of teaching.Although many teachers use interactive ways to communicate,Sir somehow makes the even most boring of subjects interesting.His examples are amazing.And to have studied from him has been an utmost pleasure. In my opinion I didn't have to work hard in his papers. The way he taught was enough for me to do well! Thank you for teaching me sir!

Bhavesh Garodia

B. Com(H) St. Xavier's College
The main benefit of Sir's teaching is the practical exposure you get. Indeed, the classes are interesting coupled with photography and artistic advices.

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