CRA is a course for those who would prefer to let their work speak for them instead of themselves. It’s a unique combination of fundamental courses alongwith a stipulation to financial behavior. It is an analytical program for a self conscious people.

Course Module

The subject and it’s relevance in the financial market.

Revision of basic accounting principles and standards.

Candidates will be taught to analyze the financial market through the evaluation of various financial statements which includes Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements etc.

Information regarding different Charting Software and Trading Terminal etc.

Students will be taught to analyze the financial market through various methods like candlestick pattern, indicators, strategies etc

Everything has some advantage and some disadvantage. Better know the rules first than repent later.

What should be one’s psychology when there is a bull or bear in the market. The do’s and don’ts of trading.

Application of all the strategies explained and lessons taught in creation of
better calls.

How to sustain in a market by using various financial products while keeping the human emotions in mind.

Course Duration

● 6 months program.
● 25 classroom sessions.
● Each class will be a span of 2 hours.

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