Financial Course for Beginners(FCB) is a basic program to provide elementary knowledge of the financial market to the amateurs in this field because To Dream Big You Need To Start Small.

Course Module

Essentials of the capital market, its features and importance.

What do the terms mean, when is a company a part of either of the markets etc.

what are the economical factors affecting the market and how?

Candidates will be taught to analyze the financial market through the evaluation of various financial statements which includes trading and profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow statements etc.

Students will be taught to analyze the financial market through various methods like candlestick pattern, indicators, strategies etc.

Elementary knowledge regarding mutual funds and mutual funds planning.

Impact of corporate actions on investors of a company from bringing an IPO to Buy back of shares.

Learn to trade in the online market and make money in ways that others can’t think of.

Course Duration

● 3 months program.
● 15 classroom sessions.
● Each class will be a span of 2 hours.

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