Relationship Manager Career Program - RMCP

Relationship Manager Career Program (RMCP) is an extensive course which will prepare you to face the unprecedented opportunities of the relationship management industry. A Relationship Manager would cater to individual and corporate clients and advice them on various financial and banking product and services offered by the bank.

Course Module

Primary knowledge regarding the essentials of the financial market will be covered.

The module will contain information about various banking products available and their features.

Vivid knowledge of mutual funds, it’s importance, how to invest in it, it’s benefits will be given.

Extensive information regarding the insurance sector, it’s importance, necessary insurances that should be done will be furnished.

Students will be trained to develop their soft skills for better placement opportunities.

Detailed information about the necessities of sales and marketing and the various procedures involved in it will be provided.

Excel will be taught for maintaining accounts and information in easier methods.

Sessions with our proposed recruiters for better perception of the job.

Pupils will be enriched with sufficient knowledge such that they are able to do their individual financial planning and keep themselves financially equipped.

Students will be taught about the methods of day to day trading, option strategies, hedging techniques etc.

Candidates will be taught to analyze the financial market through the evaluation of various financial statements which includes trading and profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow statements etc.

Students will be taught to analyze the financial market through various
methods like candlestick pattern, indicators, strategies etc.

Course Duration

● 6 months program.
● 50 classroom sessions.
● Each class will cover a span of 2 hours.

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